The Benefits of a SIM only Deal

canstockphoto4698778When the time come to purchase a new mobile phone plan there’s a tendency to blindly sign up to yet another 24 month plan as you become tempted by the prospect of a shiny new handset.

And yes, while sometimes the desire for the latest piece of technology is just too much, a lot of the time it is worth considering the benefits of a SIM only deal.

There are two major benefits to a SIM only deal.

Firstly, cost. As the name suggests, a SIM only deal means you are only purchasing the SIM and paying the monthly tariff that comes with it. There is no ‘up-front cost’ that needs to be paid and no expensive handset to be paid off over the course of 24 months. To illustrate the difference we can look at a 600 minute, unlimited data tariff with Three. With an iPhone 5s handset you would pay £39 a month. With a SIM-only deal? Just £22 a month. Quite the saving.

The second major benefit is flexibility. It is increasingly difficult to find a mobile phone plan with a handset that doesn’t last less than 24 months. 2 years is a long time in which a lot can happen. For example: a change in financial fortune, a move to an area with patchy network service, or simply no longer liking your phone.

A SIM only deal negates these problems. All SIM only deal are month-to-month contracts meaning that you’re only required to give a month’s notice before terminating the contract. Tired of your provider in June? You can be with a new one by July with no financial penalty.

Finally, it is worth clearing up some misconceptions about SIM only deals that often dissuade people from switching to them.

Firstly, if you move to a SIM only deal you can still retain your existing number. All you have to do is obtain your Port Authorisation Code (PAC) from your existing network before you switch to your new SIM. It is as easy as that. Secondly, switching to a SIM only deal doesn’t mean you lose the perks of being on a full handset included contract. Whether these perks are discounted rates while traveling abroad, free 4G or the ability to use your phone as a wireless hot-spot, most networks will extend these privileges without any extra cost to SIM only customers.

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