The Cool Features We Should all be Using on our IPhone 6




The iPhone 6 is finally here and is bigger and badder than ever before. While the iPhone 6 offers all of the most popular features of the previous iPhones, there are also some great new features thrown into the mix that are just waiting to be enjoyed. Here are some of the best features of the iPhone 6:

Voice Over LTE
This great feature allows iPhone 6 users to talk on the phone while surfing the web. Not only has the voice quality been improved for calls, but this handy feature means that you don’t have to be bored when stuck on a call for work or with a family member.

1080p 60fps Video Recording
Apple has really pushed the boundaries of video recording with this special feature and HD can be recorded at either 30 or 60 fps. This means that the image is crisper and clearer than ever before and iPhone 6 users are sure to have hours of fun shooting videos of football games, making family movies or even recording raucous nights out on the town. The amount of detail that is now available is very impressive and mimics professional video quality in the palm of your hand.

Hey Siri
Anyone who has ever used Siri will be familiar with the delays that are caused by having to hold down the feature on the Home screen. This has down been eradicated with the special new Hey Siri feature. Once it has been enabled, Siri will be activated any time you say ‘Hey Siri’, and you will receive an instant answer to your question without even having to touch the screen.

This feature is a real bonus for iPad owners and users. The Handoff feature allows calls that are received to the iPhone 6 to be displayed on the screen of the iPad and it even serves as a speaker to enhance the sound quality of the call. Text messages and other types of interactions will also by transferred onto the iPad, meaning that iPhone users will be free to use their device for other things while they are taking a call.

Display Zoom
This special feature enhances the look of the iPhone screen to make it crystal clear and highly defined. Things that were once too small to read on the screen suddenly become magnified to make it much easier and more enjoyable, which is particularly good for people with poor eyesight.


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