Everything you need to know about the IPhone 6s


The IPhone 6S uses the iOS 9 and it was first unveiled at an Apple press event on the 9th of September 2015. Its most innovative feature is Touch 3D. This is a real game changer and yet it is such a simple idea and mechanism that it is surprising that it hasn’t appeared before now. It allows you to touch different places on your phone and have them register as touches. You can press and hold and you can swipe, and you can do it whilst your fingers are touching other parts of the screen. It is going to change the way that phones work and will change how future apps and games are designed.

The 4.7-inch screen is a little smaller than the average phone. The resolution is 1,334 pixels by 750 pixels, and it has a 326 PPI, which is 1.3x sharper than the average phone that has come out this year. It uses a Retina HD (IPS LCD) display, has a 12 mega pixel back camera and a 5 mega pixel front camera. It has a standard smartphone lens aperture, and may capture 4k HD videos, which is the highest standard a smartphone can capture.

The camera has touch focus, slow-mo, auto focus, HDR capture, face detection, panorama, digital image stabilization, smile detection, burst mode, geo-tagging, an LED flash, and sound & shot. The amount of talk time the IPhone 6S allows is 14 hours, which was a good number a few years ago, but nowadays is about average. The battery is a lithium polymer 1,810 mAh battery, which is a below average size compared to modern phones. It has 240 hours of standby time. The body material of the phone is aluminium, which is light and strong.

The phone’s dimensions are 138.30 mm x 67.10 mm x 7.10 mm, which is 22% thinner than the average phone. It is around 143g in weight, which is about average for smartphones these days. The iPhone 6S has a dual core Apple A9 system. The iPhone has a CPU that runs at 2 GHz. This makes it a very fast phone and it has 2GB of RAM, so it can handle any modern apps along with a few background processes too. It has a dual core processor and PowerVR GT7600 graphics processor. You can choose devices that store 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. There are no removable storage options on the Apple iPhone 6S.


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