Why Choose Unlimited Mobile Data Plans?

With the advent of the unlimited data plan for mobile phones, more people these days are switching to the 3 network as their favoured internet service provider. Unlimited data may not seem like such a big deal, but there are many unapparent benefits. For some user profiles this can effectively be the ideal choice… especially when you know a little trick that we’ll share towards the end of this article.

Why go mobile, you may wonder?

Use your phone freely without fretting

What’s the point of having a mobile Internet connection in your phone or tablet if you’re always worried about silly technicalities that detract from the experience of actually using the Internet? Keeping tabs on the data limits can be extremely annoying, not to mention that sometimes it will be an absolute handicap keeping you from browsing freely. Wouldn’t it be better to just focus on using the internet rather than worrying how much use you have left in your phone?

No need for line rental

Setting up regular broadband internet involves too much bureaucracy! You have line rental to consider, coverage issues, and waiting for the technicians to arrive. With an unlimited mobile data plan, you just have to pick up the SIM card in any store (or get it posted to you), plug in into your smartphone or tablet… and that’s that. It couldn’t be simpler to set up, and the connection speeds in the 3 network actually rival many home broadband providers.

No need for home internet connection

For many people who live alone, having unlimited mobile access renders their home broadband redundant. Why pay for a separate service when you have all the connectivity you need always at hand, no matter where you go? Connection speeds are great in modern mobile networks, to the point you can’t really tell the difference from a broadband home connection, under regular use patterns. And if you assume that mobile access means that you’ll be limited to using your mobile devices… read on.

Creating Virtual Hotspots

Creating a virtual hotspot is a simple way to share an Internet connection across multiple devices. This feature is readily available in modern smartphones or tablets of major brands – including all iOS and Android devices. You turn it on with a simple tap on the device settings, set up a network name and password, and you’re good to go. You can immediately connect other devices to the virtual hotspot you created, just like you would connect to a normal router. It’s extremely practical, works perfectly, and means that you can effectively start using your phone as your primary home Internet connection… no matter where you go, your Internet connection will be available to you and whomever you choose sharing with.

It’s the age of mobile Internet! Having an unlimited data plan in your phone or tablet will breathe new life into your device, and show exactly what being mobile is all about. Hunting down for Wi-Fi is a thing of the past; with the unlimited mobile data plans available from 3 Network, you’ll always be connected, no matter where you go.

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