Are You About to Get a New Android Phone for Yourself?

Are You About to Get a New Android Phone for Yourself?

If you are still using a simple phone, I would say you have kept yourself on the low side, exploring the benefits of the smartphone is the basic right for all the cellphone users. The smartphones are until now the best technology, at least for me they are. In recent days, having a smartphone that uses android technology is like the world is coming on to your finger tips and you can do all that you want. You can do all that you wish to easily without facing any difficulties. I would simply say using an android smartphone is like giving you the luxury of using a nice cellphone.

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For all of those who are still not aware of the term android, Android is an awesome operating system for all the smartphones and tablets allows you to function many applications on your tablet or smartphone. If you are out for finding the main benefits for the Android Operating System, then you must put an eye on the Android Open Source features. The open source feature is not found in the other operating systems; android is the first operating system that has provided such access to the user end. This is something that all of the users are going to appreciate. However, when individuals buy a cellphone, they want complete access; complete access is what they expect limited access or restrictions are not why they pay such huge amounts of money.

For a very long time iPhone has been ruling the mobile market world, and there is no denial to the fact that iPhone has been sharing a huge part of share in the mobile market development. However, the tables have turned now; iPhone is losing the place that it had secured for such a long time. Android operating system has now started to take the top position in the mobile markets now. Because of its exceptional features provided users have shown a great interest in the android operating system. This is not because Apple has been going down, but you can say Apple has been going down because Android has been winning all of the clients that used to be the sincere Apple followers.


You all must have known that Galaxy S3 has been rated as the number one phone of last year and Samsung Galaxy S3 uses the android operating system you all will be aware of that as well. However, this is a fact that had to happen. With the amount of people rushing towards the Android operating software, it shows the android operating software has shown great success for its users and producers both. However, now it is upon you to decide what phone you would like to keep because the result depends on you anyhow. However, one thing that you must know for sure is that android operating system takes you to a completely new world of access over applications and software. It gives you an experience that you never had before.